Baby Boomers!

Attention Boomers…Helping Your Silent Generation Parents

It’s an all too familiar scene. The adult children and their Silent Generation parents at odds.
Your Mom is getting older and lives alone….you worry that she may fall with no one around to help. Your Dad has always been a snappy dresser…but lately he looks slovenly.

Everyone seems a little tense. The kids (Boomers) are trying to convince the parents to sell the family home, give up driving and move to …hmmmmm. The parents are fighting the entire way. Everyone is exhausted…..where do we start?

Born between 1927 and 1945, THE SILENT GENERATION grew up during WW2 and the great depression. They are currently aged 68 and 86…and for the most part, retired.

Their children , the BABY BOOMERS born between 1946 and 1964 are  starting to care for their aging parents, working full time, and getting their kids off to college! And to top it off, the boomers are getting hip and knee replacements!’s exhausting!

Again….where do we start? Start with an assessment. This is a review of a person’s mental, physical, environmental, social and financial condition. It helps establish his or her ability to remain safely independent, and suggests options for reducing future risks. A great plan generally results in fewer accidents and a better quality of life.

An assessment should be based on physical health, behaviors, medications, house maintenance, support systems, & finances.

I understand that you may be at odds and frustrated with your parents….give me a call and perhaps I can recommend someone to help you out.


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